GigaSpaces 15.5.1 version is available and can be downloaded from the download tab.

        15.5 What’s new ?

  • Asynchronous load from data source

  • Asynchronous persist to external source using kafka as a buffer to avoid redolog growth.

  • Space as sync end point - Space as a replication target.

  • A/B Testing & Schema Evolution 

  • On-Demand Object Analysis to understand memory consumption.

  • Index Usage Efficiency - Percentage of index usage vs other indexes in the type. 

  • Vertical Scaling - change cpu and memory of an instance at run time (Elastic Grid & k8s)

  • Horizontal Scaling - Repartition, Change number of partitions at run time (beta) 

  • OpsManager improvements - deploy/undeploy, log viewers, Scale, Show memory consumption, Explain plan(beta) and more.

  • Authorization & authentication for rest manger & ops manager

  • ElasticGrid hybrid cloud (cluster on Premise and on cloud) + secured grid

  • k8s helm3 support

        see more at: 15.5 What's new

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