GigaSpaces version 16.0 is available and can be downloaded from download tab

We are pleased to inform you that  we’ve released InsightEdge and XAP version 16.0 as scheduled.  As always, This version introduces significant new features, along with maintenance and bug fixes.

  • Tiered storage for read mostly scenarios  when data can’t fit RAM keep all data in a local database with business and time rules for caching some of the data, to achieve optimal read performance with Local, synchronized data persistence.

  • BI tools integration introduced data gateway that implement the PostgreSQL wire protocol to achieve ODBC connection and simple integration with BI tools

  • Enhanced monitoring abilities System level view of status and metrics is served by the new Grafana-based built in dashboards

  • Enhanced SQL -99 support- added more coverage for SQL-99 ,90% coverage for read,and improved performance by introducing a new jdbc driver v3.In addition added Explain plan to have better understanding of index usage and scans.

  • Kubernetes Docker-based deployment Microservices lifecycle hosted on our platform is improved with docker-based deployment, simplified upgrade procedure for stateful services, In addition Openshift integration support becomes an integral part of the product life cycle

  • Enhanced Performance introducing smart serialization and improvement in creating pojos.

See  Release Notes: R.N 

Change log : Changes

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