GigaSpaces 15.8 version is available and can be downloaded from the download tab.

We are pleased to inform you that  we’ve released InsightEdge and XAP version 15.8 as scheduled.  (read blog here

This version introduces significant new features, along with maintenance and bug fixes.

  • Memory footprint reduction with minimal impact on performance - Optimizing in-memory data store to reduce footprint while retaining optimal performance,by keeping non indexed properties in binary format and allowing customization(preview)
  • Broadcast tables - mostly read only relatively small tables can be duplicated on all partitions in order to allow collocated joins and usage in embedded space logic
  • Join table improvements - collocated joins will be performed when broadcast tables are used or when join conditions include routing properties to allow significant improvement in queries performance
  • Complex queries support- added SQLfunction support in select, group by, order by clauses in addition to condition clause.added support for sub queries to allow complex queries while keeping optimal performance
  • Kubernetes operators support - Cloud native life cycle management ,powering agile deployments of new versions of data services with no system downtime
  • Kafka connect on Confluent Hub-Kafka Sink Connector in the Confluent Hub, providing simpler integration of multiple data streams from Kafka into InsightEdge/xap

See  Release Notes:

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