GigaSpaces version 16.2 coming soon

Main features:

SQL Enhancements :

Transactions available for SQL statements: BEGIN/START, END/COMMIT, and ROLLBACK

Metadata From Data Catalog Schema – Third-party tools can now automatically access the schema configurations for GigaSpaces objects

Data Pipeline/Data Integration Enhancements

IBM Infosphere Data Replication (IIDR) is available as an out-of-the-box connector engine for data pipelines.

Data pipeline support is enhanced to include DB2 on IBM z/OS mainframe, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL.

Generic declarative data loader can load any data based on configuration per data source.

Ensure business continuity while changing the data schema (adding tables) and reloading data.

Tiered Storage Enhancements

Local transactions are now supported in Tiered Storage.

Multiple Criteria Support: Tiered Storage criteria now supports multiple AND/OR expressions.

Enhanced Support for Kubernetes

Zoned Anti-Affinity ensures that the primary and backup partitions will not run in the same zone.

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